Ten thousand trees to plant in Nepalgunj

08 June 2019, Neaplgunj

Preparations are in process to plant 10 thousand trees in Nepalgunj to assuage the extreme heat in summar, the Minister for Urban Development Mohamad Ishtiyak Rai has said.  

The minister announced this plan while addressing a programme here today.

“Greenery is very much necessary in a hot place like Nepalgunj. The country’s hottest place lacks green trees. We have made plan to plant 10,000 big trees here to lessen the heat,” he said.

Minister Rai added that the plan will be started collaborating with the Nepalgunj Sub-metropolitan City.

He said the ministry is mulling planting some big trees possibly by using high technology since it takes time for saplings to grow into trees.

According to minister Rai the road expansion is going on with proper planning to plant trees at the roadside.

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