One day workshop on legal provisions of LGBTI kicks off

08 November 2019, Kathmandu

One day workshop with state affairs and good governance committee and delegated management committee on legal provision of LGBTI community kick off in Kathmandu organized by Mitini Nepal supported by UNDP. In the program, executive director of Mitini Nepal Sarita K.C. presented the issues of LGBTI community introducing Mitini Nepal and what LGBTI community belongs to. K.C. further added that one should understand the difference between gender and sex, only then society will understand what LGBTI is. Gender should not be decided based on the sex as one may recognize their sexual orientation at any time. She also said that LGBTI community has been recognized as gender and sexual minorities by the Constitution of Nepal, 2015 instead of third gender and should be updated in school curriculum. Similarly, president of Mitini Nepal Laxmi Ghalan said that special law should be formed taking into account the LGBTI community. Ghalan put her view that discriminatory laws regarding LGBTI rights should be eliminated as soon as possible.

Representatives belong to the LGBTI community have shared their stories demanding for effective laws for them. In the program, dignitaries belong to state affairs and good governance committee Janardan Sharma, Dila Sangraula Pant, Titha Gautam, Amresh Kumar Singh and Mina Pandey presented their views on LGBTI issues. Similarly, Singha Bahadur Biswakarma, Udaya Sharma Poudel, Mina Buda, Thagendra Prakash Puri, Yutol Tamang from delegated management committee also kept their words. The program was ended with the speech of executive director of Mitini Nepal Sarita K.C.

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