Co-operation in the sexual and gender minorities agenda

5 January 2021, Kathmandu

There are limited number of people who have understood about the sexual and gender minorities. Those who are known to this community are friendly and helpful. It is one of the biggest opportunities today to make people understand the community. It is easy to fight for the rights of sexual and gender minorities if their feelings, problems and expectations are known to more people.

Once people addressed a grape in four languages as grapes, drakshya falam, budo, putao. A dispute occurred for not able to understand that the fruit is same though it is named different. Finally, all four people came to realize that they have involved for meaningless effort after someone make them understand that the fruit is same.

Same as this, we have lots of examples that though the struggle is same for securing rights but if the ways are different, that movement becomes weak. The situation was same like for sexual and gender minorities.

When state has accepted the fact that sexual and gender minorities are different creation of nature but at the same time, it has become greedy to provide with the community their rights, in such situation cooperation between the members of this community and organization was needed earlier.

Specially, relating to this area, Blue Diamond Society, Mitini Nepal, Inclusive Forum, these three organizations are actively running their campaigns. Though the mission is same but their different working style has affected the campaign and this analysis was drawn earlier. Even, popular social worker Rita Thapa had felt the same. Rita Thapa is recognized as a signature who always stand with the sexual and gender minorities in their struggle. She has made discourses in her own home time and again relating to the importance, need and future of the cooperation including the representatives of the related organizations in her own initiation.

In a way to cooperate and to run the campaign, different source materials are required. She also motivates that sources can be managed if the willpower is strong. After many discussions, three organizations reached to a fine conclusion to cooperate. The cooperation has become one of the important turning points in the campaign which was started since 2001.

The credit goes to Rita Thapa and the representatives of all three organizations. After this cooperation, increasing understanding, helping to each other’s campaign and sharing the feeling to self-realize of public campaign was developed. Now, all three organizations will together fight pursuing discussions, advocacies and legal fight together. All three organizations will stand together in one place to help sexual and gender minorities who are in trouble. It has also been made continuous attempt including other organizations to support this campaign.

Earlier the problems relating to lesbians, gay, trans man, trans woman and bisexual were dealt differently by different organizations, but now that perception is no longer. The problems relating to gay will be solved by Mitini Nepal and similarly of lesbians by blue Diamond Society. Because all these are related to the problems faced by the sexual and gender minorities. The understanding for this cooperation is the greatest achievement in this campaign.

In order to give a shape to this cooperation, a workshop accomplished in Pokhara on December 28 and 29. Laxmi Ghalan, Saru KC, Prabina Karki, Sadkishya Bhattrai from Mitini Nepal, Manisha Dhakal, Pinky Gurung, sanjay Sharma, Umita from BDS ere participated. Similarly, Yajaswi rai, Kalpana rai, Bibaswa Pun Magar, Badri Pun Magar were participated form the Inclusive Forum. The participation of Rita Thapa, saru Joshi and Babita Basnet made the departure point of the cooperation a history. Saru Joshi on ‘Unity is strength’ in the workshop. She also stressed on right data collection of the community members in census, government to be more accountable to the community, sustainable development and need for participation in constitutional commission.

Senior journalist Babita Basnet opined that the problems of organized groups will become political agenda and that will help to fight in the struggle for securing rights. Government has declared for election and this community should go for candidacy in the next election. Such suggestions were provided in the workshop. The ruling party has divided into two poles and from House dissolution to declaration of election, sexual and gender minorities has had great concern on such political happenings.

The participants in the campaign shared that because sexual and gender minorities have low family burden comparing to others, this community can enter political life who can serve country and society automatically. Because politics has been played in dirty sense for collecting treasure for future generation, sexual and gender minorities must observe the politics of country closely.

Beside brainstorm on thinking, the grudge and ill feelings of the past time were also vanished in the campaign. This new enthusiasm and the feeling of cooperation to work together which is a new initiation will be proved a milestone for the campaign of sexual and gender minorities.

Laxmi Ghalan, President , Mitini Nepal

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