14.49 youth leaders represent Parliament

Kathmandu, April 22

The Parliament has only 14.49 percent of youth parliamentarian against the increasing voices for giving leadership chance to youths.

Only 170 youth leaders represent the Parliament that has a total of 887 parliamentarians (36 the House of Representatives, four the National Assembly and 130 the Provincial Assembly), according to data with the National Youth Council, Nepal.

Fourteen youth leaders were elected in the recently held elections to the House of Representatives under the first-past-the-post (FPTP) system, while 22 under the proportional representative (PR). Likewise, 62 were elected in the provincial elections under the FPTP, and 68 under the PR.

Province 2 has highest 35 youth parliamentarians, while Province 6 sees lowest 11 youth parliamentarians.

Likewise, local levels have 39.64 percent of youth people’s representatives (13,893 of the total elected representatives). Fifty-two heads municipality, while 111 are deputy mayors. Likewise, 112 chairs rural municipality and 237 are vice chair. Similarly, 2,036 headward office.

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