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3 mayors of Lalitpur tested positive for coronavirus

26 September 2020, Kathmandu

Three mayors of Lalitpur district  have diagnosed with coronavirus.

Mayor of Lalitpiur Metropolitan City Chiribabu Maharjan, Godawari municipality mayor Gajendra Maharjan and Mahalaxmi municipality mayor Rameshwar Shrestha have been diagnosed with the virus.

Rameshwar Shrestha has been in isolation of KIST Hospital since the last 11 days. The infection was seen in him even for the second time.

Lalitpur Mayor Maharjan  is suffering from high fever since Friday afternoon.  He has a  neck pain, too, according, to Maharjan. He is now in home isolation after his report came out positive on Friday.

Similarly, Godawari municipality mayor Gajendrea Maharjan has tested positive  twice for the coronavirus. He has been in home isolation since Monday. He has been suffering from high fever, and body pain.

Likewise, Mahalaxmi municipality mayor Shrestha has high fever and respiratory problems. He had tested positive for coronavirus on Wednesay for the second time.

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