Agricultural firm sets up in west Dang

Tulsipur, Dang, Feb 14

An agricultural firm has come into operation in west Dang with an investment of more than Rs 20 million.

The Shivamaya Multi-purpose Agricultural Farm set up at Ashwara, Tulasipur-8 was inaugurated on Tuesday coinciding with the Maha Shivaratri festival.

The firm has started producing chips, pickle, and other various products prepared from the banana. It started supplying its products to the market from Tuesday itself. The goal of the firm is to promote local produce.

Farm proprietor Bhagawat Kamalapuri said that they have set up the firm to market the agricultural produce from Dang to the markets throughout the country and to promote local farmers by buying their products as raw materials in their firm and taking the processed products to the homes of the consumers.


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