All educational institutions closed until Friday starting today due to air pollution

29 March 2021, Kathmandu

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has decided to close all educational institutions across the country for four days from today due to air pollution.

A meeting of the ministry held Monday decided to close the educational institutions beginning Tuesday.

Minister Krishna Gopal Shrestha said that the educational institutions had to be closed due to adverse weather conditions.

The decision to this effect was made since the thick smog which has been blanketing the Kathmandu Valley since last Friday has not only decreased visibility but also posed risk to the human health of the denizens of the Valley.

According to meteorologists, air pollution is more hazardous to human health in the morning and evening compared to the daytime as the air stays low during the period.

The polluted air has badly declined visibility and is causing eyesore to the people.

The government has urged people to stay indoors and use masks and maintain alertness in case they need to come out of their houses as the smog is likely to continue until for some days.

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