Asian Games to employ 30,000 policemen at regional event

JAKARTA, Feb. 14

A total of 30,000 police personnel will take part in traffic management and security during the 18th Asian Games in the country this year, the committee of the regional sporting event disclosed here on Tuesday.

Member of the committee, INASGOC Senior Commissioner Unggul Sedyantoro said that the police personnel would secure sports venues, athletes’ dormitories, and hotels.

“The number of personnel to be dispatched is in line with demand,” Sedyantoro said.

He stressed that the focus of the security and traffic management would be mainly during football matches, which will take place in two satellite cities of Bogor and Bekasi, and Bandung city, the provincial capital of West Java province.

“Measures must be taken in anticipating the possible disturbance in the centers of traffic jams,”  Sedyantoro added.

Indonesia’s capital of Jakarta witnesses traffic jams in some parts of the city, particularly during rush hours, as the city is surrounded by four satellite cities.

In addition to the inclusion of police personnel, the committee will join hands with the country’s armed forces, particularly the female corps in the army, navy and air force, he said.

“We will use women personnel to secure arrivals of VIP guests of the Asian Games. All the women corps from police and armed forces have been well trained in guiding guests,” Sedyantoro added.

A total of about 11,000 athletes and officials from 45 nations and regions will come to Jakarta and Palembang city to participate in the 18th Asian Games, which are scheduled to be held from August 18 to September 2.

The athletes will compete in 40 sports during the sports event, according to the committee.

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