Bada Dashain concluding today with Mahalaxmi Puja

30 October 2020, Kathmandu

Dashain festival has come to an end for this year with the worshipping of Mahalaxmi Puja today.

The concluding day of the 10-day festivity is celebrated as the Kojagrat Purnima which marks the full moon day.

According to the lunar calendar, the full moon day begins from midnight today.

Hence, the Calendar Fixation Committee has decided to consider today to be the Purnima (Full moon day). The devotees worship Goddess Mahalaxmi, one of the manifestations of Goddess Durga for wealth, and keep vigil the whole night.

Also, the Dashain tika is offered by the senior members of the family to the juniors and the remaining Jamara, the newly sprouted shoots of maize or barley. Jamara and tika are considered auspicious and the blessings of Goddess Nawa Durga, the nine manifestations of the Goddess.

On this concluding day of Dashain today, according to the Committee’s Prof Dr. Ramchandra Gautam, it is believed that the female deity of wealth and fortune-Goddess Laxmi- takes a round the earth and enters the houses of the devotees to bless them with good fortune and wealth.

Furthermore, the remaining of the Jamara is also taken to the nearest river or pond or shrine to immerse it in the water. Today’s Mahalaxmi Puja, conducted 15 days ahead of the five-day-long Tihar festival during which Goddess Laxmi is worshipped again, is considered very special.

Also, God Indra, the male deity of rain, seated on an elephant is also worshipped today.

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