Bagmati State sets up emergency treatment fund to fight COVID-19

25 March 2020, Makwanpur

The Bagmati State government has set up an emergency treatment fund for the minimization and treatment of COVID-19.

As shared by the Spokesperson of Bagmati State government and Minister for Financial Affairs and Planning Kailash Dhungel, the meeting of the State chaired by its Chief Minister Dormani Poudel Tuesday set up the fund worth Rs 100 million.

Furthermore, CM Poudel, ministers and those political appointees have also donated their one month’s salary to the fund, shared Spokesperson Dhungel.

The fund has been set up in the wake of the nation-wide lockdown imposed by the government to prevent spread of the deadly virus.

Amid the lockdown, the meeting decided to consider vehicles carrying the essential supplies and food items ply the roads in certain designated timing.

Moreover, chief of Bagmati State Bishnu Prasad Prasai has donated his one month’s salary to the newly set up fund.

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