Bhai Tika today; auspicious time at 11:02 am

6 November 2021, Kathmandu

Bhai Tika, the main day of Tihar festival, is being celebrated across the country today, with sisters offering ‘tika’ to their brothers.

On this day, sisters offer tika and garlands of makhamali and sayapatri flowers to their brothers wishing them happiness, long life and prosperity.

They also offer them sweets, walnuts and selroti, a special kind of bread cooked in oil. The auspicious hour for offering ‘tika’ on the main day of Tihar Festival, Bhai Tika, is 11:02 am this year, said Krishna Adhikari, the chairperson of the Calendar Determination Committee.

However, it can be held throughout the day, said Adhikari.

The Tihar, festival of color, light, and flower, which is known as Yamapanchak, is being celebrated from November 3 to November 6 this year.

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