Chhat festival concludes by offering argha to rising sun

21 November 2020, Janakpurdham

Devotees have concluded Chhat festival by offering argha to the rising sun on Saturday morning.

The festival which is celebrated from Chaturthi to Saptami as per the lunar calendar had begun from last Wednesday.

Devotees performed rituals and offered argha to the setting sun on Friday and concluding it by offering argha to the rising sun today.

According to the ancient grand epic Mahabharata, five Pandavas with Draupadi had worshipped the sun wishing for success during their exile.

They had taken a shelter at the palace of King Virata during their last year of exile. The Chhat festival had started since then, according to Mahabharat.

The Chhathi Mata (the Goddess of Power) is worshipped during this festival that is mostly celebrated in Terai region of the country.

It is equally celebrated with fervor in the Kathmandu Valley and other hilly and mountainous areas across the country of late.

On this day, devotees offer worships to the Sun God and Chhathi Mata. Argha (curd) is offered to the rising and setting sun by visiting the riverside or ponds where the puja takes place during this festival.

It is believed that fasting observed during this festival would relieve people of trouble and miseries and the observer is blessed with good fortune.

The Chhat festival lost its luster this year due to coronavirus pandemic. Riversides and ponds were not found as much decorated as they used to be in the previous years.

Only a few riversides and ponds were found to have been decorated. Some people celebrated Chhat by making artificial ponds at home.

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