China celebrates fifth Chinese farmers’ harvest festival

By Zhu Jun, People’s Daily

Sept. 23 this year marked the fifth Chinese farmers’ harvest festival. Celebration activities were held in Chengdu, southwest China’s Sichuan province and Changping district, Beijing, to share the joy of harvest.

“I had another bumper harvest this year from my nearly 7,000 mu (467 hectares) of rice,” said Cheng Liankun from Xiaozhujia village, Ning’an, northeast China’s Heilongjiang province, who is now selling his rice through livestreaming.

According to statistics released by the National Bureau of Statistics, China’s summer grain output increased 1 percent year on year to 147.4 billion kilograms. The total output of early rice was around 28.1 billion kilograms, up 105 million kilograms from that in 2021.

At present, autumn grains are in good growth in most parts of the country, which lays a solid foundation for autumn harvest.

The firm basis of agriculture, as well as the sound development of issues related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers, offer firm support for China in stabilizing the macro economy and keeping major economic indicators within an appropriate range. As a result, China is confident in coping with domestic and international challenges.

China is a major agricultural nation that enjoys a long history of farming culture. It always regards agriculture as a basis for national stability and people’s happiness.

In recent years, the country has constantly improved its policy system supporting the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers.

A grand gala is staged in Hulun Buir, north China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region to celebrate the fifth Chinese farmers’ harvest festival, Sept. 23, 2022. (Photo by Han Yingqun/People’s Daily Online)

It implements the rural vitalization strategy, puts agriculture and rural areas first in development, and has fostered an atmosphere in the whole society where agriculture, rural areas and farmers are cared for.
More attention was paid to, more investment was made and more parties engaged in the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. China has achieved historic progress in its agricultural and rural development.

At present, the contribution rate of agricultural technology progress to economic growth in China has reached over 61 percent, and the coverage rate of improved crop varieties has exceeded 96 percent.
Besides, 72 percent of crops in China are comprehensively planted and reaped by machines, and over 900 million mu of high-standard farmland has been built across the country.

China’s agriculture, empowered by new machines and models, as well as new industries and businesses, is embracing high-quality development. Agricultural technologies have become a powerful engine and fundamental force in maintaining food security and the supply of important agricultural products.

Photo taken on Aug. 3, 2022 shows tomatoes grown in an intelligent greenhouse in southwest China’s Chongqing municipality. (Photo by Liu Hui/People’s Daily Online)

The Chinese farmers’ harvest festival is a day for not only the farmers, but also all Chinese people.

A featured promotion activity was held in Beijing that day to introduce citizens to agricultural brands. An exhibition was held in Chengdu to demonstrate the outcomes of China’s agricultural modernization. In Heilongjiang province, farmers attended a grand outdoor party to celebrate the festival, where farmers sing, paint and read poetry to celebrate the harvest.

These activities made people realize that national stability and food security are of vital importance and increased care for agriculture, rural areas and farmers.

The festival is an opportunity for the countryside to demonstrate its featured products, beautiful scenery and great traditional cultures, and to bring in market economy thoughts, suitable technologies and modern production factors. China will achieve better progress in rural vitalization and make the countryside richer, happier and more beautiful.

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