Chinese Writer Xuemo’s Works Exhibiting at the 2022 London Book Fair

The 2022 London Book Fair are being held at the Olympia London from April 5 to 7, and Chinese writer Xuemo’s works are being exhibited at booth No.7H40 of China International Book Trading Corporation(CIBTC)at this Book Fair.

Although the whole world is still shrouded in the shadow of epidemic, the London Book Fair,which is the most reputed international publishing event every spring, has still attracted thousands of exhibitors from more than 115 countries this year, including publishers from the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, China and Turkey. It is expected that more than 20,000 professionals will participate in the offline exhibition.

With China’s international influence expanding, many overseas people hope to know about China’s past and present from the stories telling Chinese civilization and contemporary China, and thereby better understand China. The exhibition of excellent Chinese works authored by Chinese writer Xuemo is designed to respond to the concerns of overseas markets about China, promote the publishing cooperation and copyright export of works at home and abroad, tell Chinese stories well, and convey Chinese voice on the international stage of the London Book Fair.

Xuemo, the penname of Chen Kaihong, is the author of Desert Rites, Desert Hunters, White Tiger Pass, Wild Fox Ridge, The Curse of Xixia, Songs of Liangzhou, The Sound of Broadbeans Late at Night, and, The Monk and the Spirit Woman, as well as Suosanlang, an epic poem. His works have won major prizes in China, including the Feng Mu Literary Award, the Shanghai Novel and Novella Prize. In 2015 he was named one of China’s Ten Persons of the Year, and has served on the faculty at Fudan University, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Guangzhou University of Foreign Studies.

The rich and profound local Chinese background, the vivid and mysterious western Chinese culture, and the strong faith and affection in Xuemo’s works, as well as the unique thinking and exploration of such human issues as existence, human nature, soul, life and eternity, have aroused the extensive attention of excellent translators and sinologists from all over the world, and Xuemo has successfully established cooperation relations on translation with them, such as Howard Goldblatt of the United States, Nicky Harman of Britain, Carducci Lisa of Canada, Hans-Peter Kolb of Germany, Constantin Lupeanu of Romania, Liljana Arsovska of Mexico, Dinesh Kulatunga of Sri Lanka, etc.

So far, Xuemo’s works have been translated into more than 20 foreign languages, involving English, German, French, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Nepali, Spanish, Arabic, and so on. And morethan 40 translation versions of his works have been published by Bacopa Verlag Publishing Company, Wanzhi House of Sweden, Red Eagle Publishing House of Turkey, Arab Literature Center (ADAB), Neptune Publications, Nepal Book Hill Co., Ltd., Siglo XXI Publication House of Mexico, Parkashan Sasthan India, Valcal Software Ltd (brand name “eBookPro”), and The Ideea Europeana Publishing of Romania.Among them, it’s noted that Selected Stories by Xuemo has been translated into 16 languages.

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