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Clean environment my priority: Minister Pandit

Kathmandu, Feb 18

Minister for Population and Environment, Lal Babu Pandit, has said the change in any sector was impossible if the leadership remained timid and evaded duty.

Inaugurating the ‘Pani Sanchar Campaign’ a programme launched by Nepal Forum of Environment Journalists here Saturday, Minister Pandit said, “Those polluting environment in the Capital city and other places must be brought to book. I’m committed to it.”

He urged all to extend help in his bid to stop the ill efforts made to deteriorate environment for the long run. “I will make public the commitments in the environment sector,” the Minister assured, adding that he would work in a way the people in the Kathmandu Valley and others would realize the change.

“I’ve emerged bold enough to work for the people,” he asserted.

Former Minister for Irrigation, Sanjay Gautam, worried over the increasing exploitation of Chure region in the mid and far west of the country.

Joint Secretary of the government Madhav Belbase said if the irrigation methods based on tradition is protected, it could benefit a huge number of people.

Mission Director at USAID, Peter A Malnac, also argued that local people are themselves have good knowledge of using local resources of water.

The programme, prepared with the help of USAID, focuses the media activities for the protection of water resources, lifestyle, and local best practices around the Karnali, Rapti and Mahakali river system, according to NEFEJ Chair, Arjun Dhakal.


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