Content Marketing: The Next Big Thing for B2B Companies in Nepal

29 June 2018, Kathmandu/Anish Shah

Content Marketing in Nepal is one of the most effective and significant aspects of digital marketing in Nepal. And quite like other facets, like SEO in Nepal, it has gained tremendous popularity over the years. With most businesses owning their own websites, they seem to have been emphasizing on this side quite a bit now.

This aspect works wonders when it comes to building a customer base. Businesses can also expect a certain amount of loyalty from their clients once this marketing strategy has fulfilled its purpose.

Businesses don’t just target individuals and families to market their products or services, but other companies as well. And especially in this regard, i.e. in context of B2B Companies, Content Marketing has been a successful approach. And we’re not just talking about the current scenario, but future prospects as well

In short, content marketing in Nepal is definitely the next big thing for B2B Companies. Here’s how . . .

What is Content Marketing?
The principal of Content Marketing is quite simple. Create content, and market or popularize it – the name gives it away! It is usually in the form of texts, and sometimes media, depending on the platform that would be used to market it. The content is based highly on the product or service, and it explores and presents their details in a way that it appeals to the targeted audience.

The approach in content marketing is quite different from traditional ways of marketing. The traditional ways are quite direct. They either allure, suggest or even order at times the prospective customers to buy the product. However, content marketing first works on building credibility, by creating content that’s informative, useful and interesting. What follows are soft suggestions that there’s little harm in giving their product or service a try!

The Diversity in Content
The content is the most crucial part in content marketing. The key here is not just to inform the prospective customers about the product or service, and its benefits. But to help them realize that the business cares for them, and therefore, their product or service must be the best. To build such a level of credibility, the businesses must create diverse content materials.

From general informative blogs, interesting facts, case studies and user experience to DIY (Do It Yourself) blogs, related to the product or service, must be shared. This help establish the facts that the businesses know about what they’re doing, and that they want the best for their customers. This subconsciously pulls the prospective clients into using their products or services.

What after Content Creation?
Content marketing in Nepal, up to a great extent, relies on other aspects of digital marketing in Nepal, like social media marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and so on, to be a success. These facets are like different parts of a puzzle, which need to be put in the right manner for them to work effectively. With the right kind of promotional activities, in the right frequency, the marketers can ensure high traffic to the content page, and decent amount of conversion.

The things that need to be done after the content is created, must be planned before the work in content aspect has been initiated. All the facets in digital marketing must go hand in hand, in synergy, for the entire process to work. It seems pretty clear that there is a certain level of sophistication in the process.

In the context of B2B Companies in Nepal . . .
B2B Companies in Nepal, for quite some time now, seems to have gained great amount of proficiency in IT, which includes Digital Marketing, as well. With this resource in hand, they’re able to market their own products and services and build a greater client base.

As an organization with an upper hand in Digital Marketing, they seek to conduct transactions and deals only with the companies that put an effort to market their business online, especially by the means of content marketing in Nepal. Businesses are monitored and judged through their webpage designs, the quality of their content, and social media activities. The approach of these businesses act as a testimony of their professionalism.

B2B Companies seek not just good quality products and services at a fair price, but an alliance with other companies who are able to use the tricks and tactics of Content Marketing proficiently, like they do.

So, in recent times, it has become crucial to own a website and execute a series of Digital Marketing, esp. Content Marketing, strategies to not just boost the sales, but also to create a level of authority among the B2B Companies.

This is what’s trending in the present, and without a doubt looks like the near future, with more and more companies trying to have a presence online, and create an impression among not just the individuals and families, but other B2B companies as well.


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