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Coronavirus kills 2,911, infects 104, 737 in SAARC region; 28, 285 recover

9 May 2020, Kathmandu

Coronavirus has claimed 2,911 people in the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) region as of Saturday morning.

According to the latest figures collated by Worldometer, 1,985 died in India, 599 in Pakistan, 206 in Bangladesh, 109 in Afghanistan, nine in Sri Lanka and three in the Maldives, taking the tally to 2, 911 in the SAARC member states. Meanwhile, 28, 560 people have recovered.

Even though the infection cases are rising in Nepal, the condition of Bhutan seems to be under control. No one has died from the Covid-19 in these countries so far.

India, the worst-hit among SAARC member states, comes fourth in Asia with the highest number of deaths. Iran is the worst-hit with 6, 541 deaths in Asia followed by China with 4, 633. Similarly, 3,689 died in Turkey (3rd), and 1,985 in India (fourth).


The death toll in India from Coronavirus has reached 1,985 as of Saturday morning after 96 died in the last 24 hours.

With 3,344 new cases, the number of infection cases has climbed to 59, 695. Currently, 39, 823 are undergoing treatment at various hospitals in the country while 17,887 have returned home.


Pakistan, the second worst-hit in the SAARC region, has witnessed 599 deaths so far while 26, 435 have been infected. The number of deaths surged to 599 after 19 more died as of Saturday morning.

With 1,039 new cases, the number of infection cases has reached 26, 435 in Pakistan. Currently, 3, 852 are undergoing treatment, while 7,530 have recovered after treatment.


The death toll from the Coronavirus in Bangladesh has climbed to 206, with 13, 134 infected, so far. Currently, 10, 827 are undergoing treatment at various hospitals in the country, of which 2, 101 have recovered.


Afghanistan has reported 109 deaths and 3, 778 people have been infected as of Saturday morning. Currently, 3, 197 are undergoing treatment at various hospitals while 472 have recovered home after treatment.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has reported nine deaths and 835 infection cases as of Saturday morning.  Currently, 586 are undergoing treatment while 240 have returned home after recovery.


Nepal has reported 109 infection cases after seven new cases were reported as of Saturday morning. Currently, 79 are undergoing treatment while 30 have recovered after treatment.


The death toll in the Maldives has reached three while 744 have been infected from the Coronavirus so far. Currently, 721 people are undergoing treatment at various hospitals in the country, of which 20 have recovered.


Bhutan is the least affected country in the SAARC region.

Bhutan has reported seven infection cases. Five among those infected with the novel virus have recovered after treatment while the two are undergoing treatment at the hospital.

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