COVID-19 infects over 220,000 in past 24 hrs globally

31 August 2020, Kathmandu

More than 220,000 people have been infected with the coronavirus in a single day across the world.

With 220,641 new cases, the number of infection cases has reached 25,382,497 globally.

As many as 17,704,761 people (69.74%) among those infected have recovered from the virus.

Similarly, with 4,182 deaths in the last 24 hours, the number of coronavirus cases has reached 850,502 globally.

European countries have reported 207,397 deaths from coronavirus. Among 3,555,197 infected, 2,065,742 have recovered.

Likewise, as many as 270,514 people have died from coronavirus in North America.

Among 7311,671 infected, 42,337 have returned home after recovery.

Asian countries have reported 141,167 deaths and 6,992,426 infection cases. Meanwhile, 5,599,549 have recovered.

South America has witnessed 201,136 deaths from coronavirus in the continent. Out of 6,243,707 infected, 4,832,605 have recovered from the virus.

Similarly, 29,633 have died from coronavirus while 1,250,375 have been infected in African continent. Of them, 979,996 have recovered from the virus.

Australia and Oceania have reported 640 deaths and 28,400 infection cases from the coronavirus. Of them, 23,181 have recovered.

Broke out in Wuhan City of China in last December, the coronavirus has spread to 113 countries including two international conveyances across the world.

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