COVID-19 kills 27, 332, infects 595, 953 across world

28 March 2020, Kathmandu

With the coronavirus going pandemic across the world, the death toll from the novel virus has climbed to 27, 332 as of Saturday morning.

The COVID-19 which first broke out in Chinese Wuhan City on last December has spread to 199 countries.

According to the figures collated by Johns Hopkins University, 595, 953 people have been infected, of which, 131, 006 have recovered after treatment so far.

Italy has recorded the highest deaths with 9, 134 after 919 died in the last 24 hours. A total of 86,498 have been infected of which 10, 950 have recovered after treatment. In the last 24 hours, 5, 909 new cases appeared in Italy.

Likewise, the death toll has reached 5, 138 after 773 died in a single day in Spain with 65, 719 infected. The country recorded a total of 7, 933 new cases in the last 24 hours.

China, where the novel virus first broke out, comes third with 3,295 deaths. The both infection and mortality rate has dropped in China drastically.

According to the data maintained by Johns Hopkins University, only three people died in the last 24 hours while the new infection cases in the same span of time are 54.

America has recorded the highest number of coronavirus cases with 103, 798. According to international news agencies, the new infection rate in the US is the highest of all. As many as 18, 633 got infected with the COVID-19 in the last 24 hours while the toll has surged to 1, 593 after 398 died in a single day.

Iran comes in the fourth in terms of the number of deaths with 2,378 as of Saturday morning.

Similarly, 1, 995 have died in France, 759 in UK, 546 in the Netherlands, 351 in Geormany and 289 in Belgium.

(With Input from Agencies)

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