COVID-19 kills 393,142; infects 6,698,370 globally

5 June 2020, Kathmandu

Coronavirus pandemic has killed 393,142 people and infected 6,698,370 globally in the last five months.

With 129,990 new cases, the number of infection cases has reached 6,698,37 in the last 24 hours. The death toll has reached 393,142 with 5,499 new deaths in a single day.

Currently, 3,060,654 Coronavirus patients are undergoing treatment at various hospitals, of which 55,460 are critical. Meanwhile, 3,244,574 have returned home after recovery.

The deadly virus has claimed 177,088 people in European countries so far while 2,045,150 have been infected. Meanwhile, 10,42090 have recovered after treatment.

Similarly, 131,143 have died in North America while 2,175,691 have been infected with the novel virus. Of them, 864, 999 have recovered.

Similarly, 33,058 have died in Asia and 1,260,001 have been infected. Meanwhile, 765,488 have recovered after treatment.

South America has reported 46,075 have died from Coronavirus. Meanwhile, 103,0090 have been infected, of which 484,362 have returned home after treatment.

Likewise, 4, 783 people have died in African countries and 172,183 have been infected. Among those infected, 75, 830 have recovered.

In Oceania countries including Australia have reported 124 deaths, 8,850 infection cases. Among those infected, 8, 233 have recovered from the novel virus.

Broke out in Wuhan City of China last December, the deadly virus has spread to 213 countries including two international conveyances across the world.


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