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COVID-19 kills 99,986 in SAARC region

20 September 2020, Kathmandu

Coronavirus death toll has jumped to 99,986 in the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) region as of Sunday morning. A total of 1,306,539 have been infected.

According to the latest figures by Worldometers, 86,774 have died in India, 6,415 in Pakistan, 4,913 in Bangladesh, 1,437 in Afghanistan, 401 in Nepal, 33 in the Maldives, 13 in Sri Lanka. Bhutan has not registered any coronavirus related death yet.


India is the worst-hit among SAARC member states. The death toll in India has reached 86,774 as of Sunday morning. India has reported a total of 5,398,230 cases so far.


The death toll in Bangladesh has climbed to 4,913 as of Sunday morning. The total number of infection cases has reached 347,372 in the country.


Pakistan has witnessed 6,415 deaths so far, while 305,031 have been infected.


Afghanistan has reported 1,437 deaths and 38,919people have been infected as of Sunday morning.


The death toll from Coronavirus in Nepal has reached 401 and 62,797 have been infected. Likewise, 45,267 have recovered from the deadly virus.


The death toll in the Maldives has reached 33. A total of 9,649 have been infected while 8,188 have recovered as of Sunday morning in the country.

Sri Lanka

The death toll in Sri Lanka has reached 13. The number of infection cases has reached 3,283 in the country.


Bhutan is the least affected country in the SAARC region. It has 258 infection cases and no death.

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