COVID-19 Nepali victim in US urges to stay home, maintain social distancing

29 March 2020, Washington

With the widespread of coronavirus, most of the countries have taken serious measures to curb it at their best.

In absence of ‘sure shot’ medication against the pandemic, the world communities have to rely on preventive measures esp. the measures that can prevent the disease from spreading.

Echoing to the precautionary warnings, Shambhu Moktan, a COVID-19 victim in US has requested all people to take precautionary warnings seriously.

“Stay inside, Stay at home, maintain distance,” Moktan has appealed all Nepalis staying in USA and other parts of the world.

Moktan is undergoing treatment in Jewish Hospital in Long Island, New York after he had the COVID-19 symptoms. He was admitted there last Monday and is going to be discharged on coming Tuesday.

COVID-19 first appeared in Wuhan, China has turned fatal in Europe and America lately. More than 2200 have died of coronavirus in USA and 515 people have died in last 24 hrs alone.

There have been 5 cases of coronavirus in Nepal so far and the nation has gone for total lockdown these days.

( With Input from Agencies)

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