Do you know frog also eat snake


Jan 21, 2018

We often see, heard that snake takes frog as a meal but there is something amazing frog which eats snake also.

The frog is also called green tree frog

According to the National GeographicConservation biologist and National Geographic Explorer Jodi Rowley identified the species as an Australian green tree frog, Litoria caerulea. This frog can be found all over Australia and New Guinea, according to the National Geographic.

Whether the snake is a common meal for frogs is hard to say.
“It really has more to do with prey being smaller than the mouth size and moving across the frog’s field of view,” says Karen Lips, a conservation biologist at the University of Maryland. Basically, if the frog can eat it, it probably will, even though its regular diet consists of insects and sometimes mice.

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