Education Minister directs for timely printing of books

10 March 2021, Kathmandu

Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Krishna Gopal Shrestha, has directed Janak Education Materials Centres (JEMC) to print the textbooks on time and also to remain prepared for the printing of ballot papers.

During his inspection of security press to be used for printing ballot paper and the printing of textbooks at JEMC in Sanothimi on Tuesday, Minister Shrestha directed JEMC Managing Director Anil Kumar Jha to be ready for printing ballot papers because the Election Commission could ask for it at any time.

He further indicated that the government could announce a fresh date of election. The printing machines should be repaired and made fit for operation, he urged.

The government employees, as he said, should work with high morale.

The Minister further said, “JEMC has been criticized for not printing and supplying books on time. But, the blame of delayed printing and supply goes to Minister too. So, the necessary books must be printing on time.”

The Minister insisted that every student should get the books before the beginning of new academic session. Shrestha vowed he would solve the problems of all temporary and contract-based employees.

Ministry secretary and JEMC Chairman Ram Prasad Thapaliya however said he was confident that JEMC had now no problems. “There is no problem in production of schoolbooks, so the thing to improve is the supply,” he stressed.

Managing Director Jha informed that JEMC, with the capacity to print 50 million books annually, was at loss. The government could allow all sorts of printing to JEMC to reduce the loss, he argued.

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