Entire world is accepting ‘namaste’ as a sign of greeting people

13 March 2020, Kathmandu

Namaste or Namaskar ! Today this terminology has been gaining  global acceptance. The entire world has accepted the eastern philosophy of this civilization today. As the deadly corona virus is capturing the world into fear which has been declared as pandemic by WHO, meanwhile it has becoming the matter of joy for eastern philosophy. American President Donald Trump including British Prince Charles has come to accept ‘Namaste’ by avoiding western culture of shaking hands.

As made one video public by the British Royal family, Prince Charles was seen joining hands together avoiding those, wanted to shaking hands with him. In a princess trust award ceremony, prince charles was doing so two times. On friday, American President Donald Trump was also greeting by making ‘namaste’ remarks from White House where Ireland Prime Minister also greeted president trump by ‘Namaste’.  This has led the world to accept and follow the value of eastern greetings.

As the world races to cope with Covid-19, many have ditched the typical germ-ridden handshake for India’s ancient “Namaste” greeting, which may soon catch on after President Trump and the UK’s Prince Charles embraced the gesture.

The US president could be seen taking up the no-contact greeting – which involves a small bow with hands clasped together at the chest – when he met with Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar on Thursday, noting the Indian custom has put the country “ahead of the curve” when it comes to the fast-traveling pandemic.

“Well, we didn’t shake hands today. We looked at each other, we said ‘What are we going to do?’ You know, it’s sort of a weird feeling,” Trump joked to reporters at the White House while seated alongside Varadkar, who happens to be of Indian origin.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi floated the idea last week, urging not only Indians but the world to adopt the traditional salutation. Even before Modi, some 5,000 km west, Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu took up the idea himself, stating he’d already sworn off handshakes to keep the lethal bug at bay, suggesting all Israelis do the same.

The eastern civilization was severely breached by the western culture and values. Due to this, shaking hands and hugging had gained popularity even in the eastern culture. But, because of corona today even it has compelled the western world to greet by ‘namaste’. As Nepal and India are the centre of such civilization, it is important to run this as a campaign. Similarly, like the ‘Yoga culture’ has been accepted globally today and the study and research of ‘Sanskrit’ language has escalated, Namaste culture should be developed with positive meaning. ‘Namaste’ itself has also scientific importance as joining hands, closing eyes and bow down head provides different energy. Our tradition, values and norms are the major sources of knowledge developed by eastern philosophy.

(With Input from Agencies)

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