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Family members of deceased Sindhupalchowk woman put in isolation

17 May 2020, Kathmandu

The family members including a newborn of a 29-year-old woman of Sindhupalchowk who died due to coronavirus infection have been put in isolation.

Spokesperson of Dhulikhel Hospital Dr. Suman Tamrakar said that four people including the baby and relatives have been kept in isolation of the hospital.

Spokesperson Dr. Tamrakar said that the health condition of everyone including the baby was normal.

Similarly, doctors, nurses and health workers involved in the treatment of the deceased woman have also been kept in isolation.

According to spokesperson Dr. Tamrakar, 10 people including doctors and nurses involved in his treatment have been kept in isolation.

Although their throat swab samples were collected yesterday, the reports are still awaited.

Spokesperson Dr. Tamrakar said, “The report comes within four hours of the start of the test in the laboratory. However, we run the PCR machine only with 90 to 100 samples at a time. That is why the report of the health worker has not come yet.”

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