Famous eye-surgeon Dr. Sanduk Ruit’s another magic on 13-year-old boy

08 July 2019, Kathmandu

Dr. Sanduk Ruit, a famous eye surgeon of Nepal is common name for each Nepali people especially among those whose eyesight has been restored. Ruit, who is also one of the founders of the Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology, has been referred to as the “God of Sight” due to the free treatment to the poorest population restoring the sight of over 120,000 people.

Ruit was also awarded with the prestigious award nationally and internationally for recognizing Nepal at the forefront of developing safe, effective and economical procedures  for cataract surgery enabling the needlessly to see again. He was awarded by the Ramon Magsaysay Award for peace and international understanding, considered to be the Asian equivalent of the Nobel Prize, awarded for Asia Game Changer by Asia Society, honored with National Order of Merit by Bhutan, Padma Shri by the Government of India and so on.

Recently, Dr. Ruit has succeeded to regain the eyesight of the 13-year-old boy, Roshan Theeng of Hetauda, Makwanpur after the inexpensive method of cataract surgery completed in just 15 minutes. The emotional moment that the boy touching his surgeon to express his excitement and happiness after being able to see the world again overwhelmed all the Nepalese people.  Theeng who is unable to walk by himself was operated by the surgeon through a free eye camp organized by the Hetauda Community Hospital in Makwanpur on 3rd July, 2019.

After the surgery, the boy said he can now see everything and everybody and now onwards he can go to school again. Really, the boy looks ecstatic gaining his eyesight again after three years of complete blindness. We can easily imagine that eye sight being an important part of wellbeing and retaining independence and quality of life is everything to us. We really wish all good for the joyful life of the boy and the immense contribution of Dr. Sanduk Ruit to the blind people.

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