Foreigners’ concern for conservation of tigers

31 Oct 2018, Kathmandu

Three foreign nationals from South Africa have expressed their concern over the Save Tiger campaign and are willing to contribute their bit towards this end.

Gaseth James Legg and his team comprising other two members Traccy Buton and Lukas Svoboda organized a press conference here today to share that they were coordinating efforts with the concerned authorities in Nepal for conservation of tigers, cheetah and lions whose numbers were on the wane due to the increasing environment pollution and human encroachment.

The trio will travel to the Everest base camp and conduct various activities to impart knowledge about the wildlife conservation with a special focus on conservation of tigers and snow leopards as they said education is most important to make the campaign a success .

Shedding light on their campaign, James shared that they aimed to take Save Tiger Campaign to the international level and educate media and public alike about wildlife conservation.

Stating that Nepal was one among the best tourist destinations, James raved that the rich wildlife were the additional attraction of this country. Thus, he argued, this wildlife should be protected.

The team will travel across various parts of the country for two weeks where they will conduct activities aimed at conservation of tigers.

On the occasion, Makalu Adventure’s Director Mohan Lamsal expressed his confidence that the Save Tiger campaign launched at individual level for the first time would contribute in the tourism promotion of Nepal.

It was shared that the trio’s team had been providing support for the construction of drinking water, health and education in Taruka of Nuwakot.

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