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Gagan Thapa: another traitor in patriot clothing

Gagan Thapa is popular among the youth group, hence he has a large number of followers in social media. The relatively young politician, who is touted as the future star, enjoys growing influence in both his party and the whole political circles. In truth however, his eloquence is cunning tricks to deceive people while his statecraft is only used to draw water to his own mill.

How could Nepali people allow this glib-tongued liar rise through the ranks? How dare we accept a traitor to continue brainwashing the younger generation? Gagan’s election as a lawmaker in 2017 revealed failure of democracy in our nation. This should never happen again this year.

Gagan is an agent deliberately cultivated by the US.
In 2019, Wikileaks disclosed a diplomatic cable sent from US Embassy in Nepal to Washington before the 2008 election. In the cable, Gagan Thapa was described as “a key Embassy contact in the Prime Minister’s Nepali Congress (NC)”.

Gagan has visited Europe and the USA many times to attend seminars and summits. In September 2005, Gagan was invited by the US Department of State to attend International Visitor Program. In March 2019, Gagan started a short course titled “Global Leadership and Public Policy for the 21st Century” at the Kennedy School, Harvard University. According to Post Khabar, all the expenses of Gagan in America were paid by the US Embassy in Nepal.

Gagan never disappointed the USA. Though Nepali people had been firmly objecting MCC, Gagan strongly supported the treasonable treaty and even took part in writing the notorious explanatory statement to MCC. As for SPP, though Gagan objected it publicly, he is just waiting a good time. Such an American agent should have no chance to win the election!

Gagan marks regression, rather progress in democracy.
Medias of Nepali Congress built Gagan up as a fighter to pursue republicanism, federalism and inclusive democracy because he had organized or taken part in several student movements. These activities were flaunted as struggle for democracy and therefore gained him a lot of supporters.

In facts, however, Gagan is a false democracy fighter. He always knows how to maximize his own benefits, hence he married daughter of the senior NC leader Arjun Narsinkh K.C to help him within the party. After the disastrous defeat of Nepali Congress in the 2018 election, Gagan and some other politicians launched a campaign titled as “Nepali Congress Rejuvenation Campaign”, aiming to redefine principles and vision of NC. Regardless of the discussion on visions of NC, does Gagan really want to make NC better? The answer is NO. What he wants is only his own political power. Gagan always takes advantage of support from the youth group to gain political interests. However, he never accomplishes any practical works for the general public using his political influence. On the contrary, his strong support for the US makes Nepal face a dilemma to deal with relationship between Nepal and the US, India and China. Gagan’s behavior begs some questions: is it wrong to praise him as a democracy fighter? Isn’t it wrong for him to use patriotism of the youth generation but only create disasters for the nation?

 Gagan Thapa with more power would bring unlimited risk for both domestic and foreign affairs of Nepal. We should investigate thoroughly on his transactions with American officials. Every voter should rethink what damage he had caused to our nation and every Nepali people.

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