Global COVID-19 cases hit 23.3 million, death toll over 808,500

23 August 2020, Kathmandu

More than 23.3 million people have been infected with the coronavirus pandemic that has been spreading around the globe.

Over 242,443 have been diagnosed with the coronavirus in a single day that put the global case tally to 23.3 million as of Sunday morning.

The number of deaths worldwide in the last 24 hours is 5,135 that took the number of deaths to 808,588.

Out of total cases, 15.9 million have recovered so far while others are undergoing treatment.

Coronavirus has killed 205,112 people in European countries. European countries had witnessed 3.33 million cases and 1.97 million have recovered so far.

A total of 258,710 people have died in North American countries. The number of infections has reached 6.92 million. Of them, 3.86 million have been declared infection-free.

Similarly, 128,908 people have died in Asian countries. Out of 6.21 million people infected, 4.88 million have recovered and at least 187,473 people have died in South American countries. Of the 5.75 million infected, 4.24 million have recovered.

In African countries, 27,649 people have died as 1.18 million have been infected. Out of the infected, 902,777 have won their fight against the coronavirus.

At least 412 people have been killed in Oceania and Australia. Of the 26,986 people infected, 20,685 have recovered.

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