Govt, health workers reach 19-point agreement

18 January 2021, Kathmandu

The government has agreed to meet most of the demands raised by the agitating Joint Health Struggle Committee.

After repeated talks, a 19-point agreement was reached between the committee and the ministry on Saturday evening.

As per the agreement, the government has agreed to increase the service facilities for health workers including the treatment of COVID-19 and other complex diseases.

An agreement has been reached to provide services including risk allowance to the health workers.

The concerned office is going to make necessary arrangements to provide risk allowance, transportation, communication, and food expenses to all the health workers and helpers.

It is mentioned in the agreement that the concerned office will prepare the exact details of the health workers who have not received the risk allowance before and demand it from the Ministry of Health and Population and the ministry will complete the necessary process and demand the amount from the Ministry of Finance.

It has been agreed to provide a 50 percent risk allowance to the doctors and health workers working in the health institutions which are not covered by the risk allowance management order 2077.

Likewise, it has also been agreed to provide easy compensation of Rs. 2.5 million to the people involved in the work related to the identification, prevention, control, and treatment of coronavirus infection.

Earlier, the government had made arrangements to pay Rs 2.5 million only for the health workers who died after July 16, but now it has been agreed to compensate the families of the health workers who died before that date.

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