Govt. serious to reduce disaster-caused losses: Home Minister Thapa

Kathmandu, April 5

Minister for Home Affairs Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’ has said that the government was serious to lessen the loss of lives and physical property in disasters.

In today’s meeting of the Executive Committee related to Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, Home Minister Thapa said that support from all sectors was necessary as the initiatives taken by the government alone would not be enough for disaster management.

He also directed the bodies concerned to bring a programme linking civil society and people with disaster management.

The Home Minister further stressed the need for incorporating disaster management in school curriculums.

Saying disaster-caused losses are increasing due to lack of sufficient training and means and resources, Minister Thapa said that preparations were underway to increase numbers of training and means and resources to reduce losses.

Similarly, Minister for Federal Affairs and Local Development, Lal Babu Pandit, pointed out the need for bringing a programme linking Youth Council and Nepal Scout with disaster management.

The first Executive Committee held under Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act-2074 BS decided to change the name of Central Natural Disaster Relief Fund to National Disaster Management Fund.

The meeting also decided to establish Province Management Fund in all provinces by scrapping Regional Natural Disaster Relief Fund. It also made a decision to change the name of District Natural Disaster Relief Fund to District Disaster Management Fund.

The meeting decided to direct the government and non-government sectors to stay alert and be prepared for a rescue operation and a relief management in case of disasters like a storm, and flooding.

It also decided to submit the draft of the Disaster Risk Reduction National Policy, 2074 and the Disaster Risk Reduction National Strategic Action Plan, 2017-30 to the government for approval.

Likewise, the meeting made a decision to ask the center, the province, district and local levels to prepare and implement the monsoon preparedness response plan to reduce losses during monsoon.

Present on the occasion was also Minister of State for Health and Population, Padma Aryal, office-bearers of different ministries and chiefs of Security bodies.

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