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Great contribution towards people’s war by warrior Narayan Dahal ‘Saral’

Narayan Dahal elder son of late father Kul Prasad Dahal and mother Deurupa Dahal is the great warrior who has made huge contribution to succeed people’s war. Dahal who had faith on communist party from childhood worked as an active member of the party contributing civil war supporting politically, morally and organizationally faced different obstacles being in abroad. Dahal as the central member of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) and province number 3 party president, special feature is made based on an interview regarding different aspects of his political life.

Communist supporter without knowing politics
Narayan Dahal borns on 2012 B.S., Chaitra 16 as the elder child in Dhikurpokhari of Kaski district. Dahal when he was only seven his family migrated to Shivanagar, Chitwan in the year 2019 B.S. He completed his school education from Narayani Secondary School making himself actively involved in politics during student life. Remembering the time- Dahal shared almost 95% inhabitant of Shivanagar ultimately belongs to communist. Thus, we also get involved to communist party without knowing it during childhood. He further said that he got attracted to the party due to liberal thought of communist to examine all with no discrimination.

Dahal got to study many books regarding Chinese Communist Party such as China Sutra, Red book etc as those publications used to distribute free of cost with cheap pricing. He participated to a program organized by All Nepal National Free Student Union in 2027 B.S. Jestha 1 took the membership of the union along with party president prachanda.

Involvement in Puspalal Group during College life
Dahal took party membership of Puspalal group of Nepal Communist Party in 2031 B.S. while pursuing study in Birendra Campus, Bharatpur. He involved actively in party activities forming a local party unit after some time. Since 2034 B.S. he concluded to follow party leader Mohan Bikram ideology after studying the mouthpiece of NCP 4th convention ‘Mashaal’.

After his graduation in 2036 B.S., Dahal elected as a treasure of area party committee. After working a year in area committee, he worked as full-time member advised by party president prachanda in India. Dahal reached to Gorakhpur to work for the emancipation of voiceless leaving his family alone. Soon after reached in India, he worked as party committee secretary. In addition to this, Dahal commenced to work as the chief secretary of ‘Akhil Bharat Nepali Ekata Samaj’. He also played prominent role to pursue political action among Nepalese contributing to publish organizations mouthpiece ‘Nepali Ekata’.

Full dedication to foreign party responsibility
Dahal being full-time member of the party since 2037 B.S. worked continuously for 18 years for ‘Akhil Bharat Nepali Ekata Samaj’ playing different roles. He was fully dedicated to party union formation expanding most of the walks of his life for foreign committee expansion. Dahal actively involved to form 32 party committees in 26 different states of India. After people’s movement of 2046 he returned to Nepal showed his interest contributing to party being inside the country. However due to the complications seen on party activities, Dahal along with his family moved to India in 2047 B.S.

Then, Dahal worked for complete three years getting responsibility under South Asian Branch Committee as per the decision made by the party. After that, Dahal who spent two decades in foreign party formation got the responsibility becoming the party central member since 2057 B.S. Dahal also maintained brotherhood relationship with the underground communist party in India when Indian government issued a warrant against him leaving control over Akhil Bharat Ekata Nepali Samaj. In addition to this, Dahal who made contributions toward the party management and formation, since 2059 B.S. a situation created when he compelled to work as underground in India.

Where there are party problems, Dahal took the responsibility
Dahal who came back to Nepal thinking to contribute to party after the people’s movement in 2046 B.S. went to India as per the direction of party headquarter. Then, he came to Nepal in 2060 B.S. taking responsibility to command party in Bheri-Karnali region including three districts. His life seems to be a story who was survived time and again by the invasion of army when people’s war was at the top. After the peace process, he got responsibility of incharge to raise the party activities in Kaski. As directed by the party headquarter, dahal was given the responsibility for leading Tamsaling state province. Then, he worked as the party secretary of Newa State Party. In this way, sometimes being the co-ordinator and secretary working for the Newa and Tamsaling State he fulfilled his duties to unite the party supporting party president Prachanda successfully.

State managerial role
Dahal became the member of legislative parliament in 2063 B.S. which was formed with an objective to form new constitution through constituent assembly election. The constituent assembly was popular as one of the major political agenda of the then Maoist Nepal Communist Party.

Dahal elected as the member of constituent assembly from Chitwan province number 3 made vital contribution to form constitution through Nepal’s historical constituent assembly election. Dahal also fulfilled his responsibility being the principal administrative advisor during the second prime minister period of party president prachanda.  

Dedication by whole family towards war protest
Marrying to Durgadevi Poudel in 2028 B.S. dahal has five family members including two son (Samir/Dinesh Dahal) and one daughter (Kalpana Dahal). Dahal became fulltime member of the party after seven years of the birth of his elder son. Dahal was interested to work in party after the people’s movement in 2046B.S. remained in Nepal. But he moved to India with his family providing responsibility to his wife regarding party committee formation and women firm management. He involved his elder son Samir Dahal making him fulltime member of the party in 2058 B.S. Similarly, in 2060 B.S. he provided responsibility to his elder son and daughter in-law to work for party in Bheri-Karnali while made his younger son and daughter in-law directly involved in people’s war. Almost all members of Dahal family have experienced working for the party. However, dahal feels little bit uncomfort for his childrens for not achieving proper formal education though he is proud for his family contribution to run the party activities.

Agony of foreign land
According to Dahal, it is most challenging to form and expand party by making most of the Nepalese who works as guard teaching them regarding communist party. Dahal also remained hungry most of the day due to lack of economic resource while running party office in Gorakhpur and money was not enough to buy even 1 kg rice. Dahal also shared his bitter experience that he did not make or buy any suit of clothes while struggling in foreign land since 2037 till 2049 B.S. Whatever money he got from his helpers also used to expand in buying house hold stuffs. He shared his experience consuming only hot water and potato during the struggling days with in the compulsion of party formation. He also experienced that people in foreign land have illusion that communist knows everything while forming parties. In a way to party expansion, leaders need to tell the name of newborn baby or medicine for sick people. Even, mostly one must face complicated questions if not been able to answer difficult questions of science. Dahal also remembered that he has kept the name of new born babies knowingly and unknowingly. If not done so, then it would be difficult to involve them in party formation.

Financial and physical support to succeed civil war
Communist party organization and committees of Akhil Bharat Nepali Ekata Samaj were actively incorporated in 26 different states of India. During that time, communist party was the biggest party after Congress Aai and Bharatiya Janata Party- Dahal shared with proud. He was also responsible for maintaining brotherhood relation with underground communist party in India, providing physical and vocational training to party members of Nepal, protecting them and making financial support. He also played vital role to safeguard party members and necessary weapons needed for people’s war. People’s war that commenced from 2052 B.S. and till it occurs in 2055 party faced great challenge. He also continued his role in the publication of party mouthpiece along with managing necessary weapons, training, economic support and the injured in people’s war. However, he wished to actively work for party staying in Nepal so that he can contribute directly to the war.

Worrying to fulfill responsibility than to designation
Dahal shared he is satisfied with the responsibility assigned by the party rather than the designation. As per him, designation only is not a big deal but most importantly everyone has to fulfill their duty assigned to them.  No one has complained his duty played as committee president of province number 3 after the party unification. Dahal said- ‘I am full confident to hold duties assigned by party with fairness following directions of the party command with no cheating in my history.’

Worrying towards the losing communist character
It seems to be a fantasy while Dahal remembered his struggling days making contribution towards party formation and his dedication to actively involved in party activities. He further added- ‘We used to work for party wearing clothes of guard which were out of order from 2037 B.S. till 2049 B.S. He believes in inspiring communist value and behavior. He is confident that adhere to the ideal of Puspalal, President Prachanda and Madan Bhandari party will consolidate itself. Dahal is full confident that with the strong leadership of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) comrade K.P. and comrade Prachanda, scientific socialism with new thinking will be formed.

Dahal expressed his concern that party central leaders will have to think to restore the communist idealism. He further shared that the future of communist movement will be insecure if discrimination within the party, sophisticated lifestyle and desirous greediness will restore. He believes that communist movement succeed only if vigorous leadership with proper planning will be implemented.

Dahal is also confident that by reducing the gap between party leaders and public will provide the manifested experience to their life. He shared that the relation between party and public will not strengthen by joining hands together during the election campaigns. It is equally important for the party leaders to maintain healthy relation with public as well. Dahal is very much worried that patriarchal thought towards the communist party adversely affects the communist behavior and character which will hamper to improve the party’s internal life.

(Note: This is english translation version of Nepali feature article written by Dhruba Prasad Ghimire)

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