Hangzhou Asian Games presents openness and inclusiveness to the world

By Zheng Yi, Since the opening of the Hangzhou Asian Games, many touching moments and brilliant stories have unfolded both on and off the fields.

All-out competitions as well as heartwarming behaviors have emerged. These inspiring stories have shown the splendor of sport and brought people together in friendship.

In the women’s 1500m freestyle final, as all other swimmers reached the finish line, one athlete from Vietnam remained alone in the pool, striving tirelessly to the end. The crowd cheered for her with shouts again and again, paying tribute to her indomitable spirit.

Even finishing last, she forged ahead with all her strength. The competitive arena glorifies not just victory but the sporting ethos of exceeding one’s limits.

In the tennis women’s singles match, Ushna Suhail of Pakistan still wore a radiant smile after her loss. Departing the court, she enthusiastically exchanged badges with Chinese player Zhu Lin.

Though having varied performances, athletes from across Asia united in Hangzhou with a common wish to foster exchange and friendship.

In the men’s 3×3 basketball, players from the Maldives were at a significant height disadvantage compared to their opponents, which made it extremely difficult for them to score inside. Yet the team persevered, tirelessly running outside to seek opportunities to shoot.

One of them said after the game that the opponents were far more competitive, but he and his team still battled on and made progress. Striving bit by bit, they wrote their own story of perseverance at the Asian Games.

In the men’s volleyball final, against the formidable Iranian team, China’s young squad battled with every ounce of effort. Though the long-sought victory eluded them, earning an Asian Games silver after 17 years marked the team’s growth.

“We will depart tomorrow for the Paris Olympic qualifying tournament,” said head coach Wu Sheng of the Chinese team. Continuously learning from its experiences and charting a path for advancement, this young team is setting out afresh with hope, he added.

The stories of perseverance at the Hangzhou Asian Games inspire people with their transcendent spirit and hopeful visions. The interactions fostering bonds of friendship between athletes, and between athletes and spectators, have sown the seeds of “Heart to Heart, @Future.” The Hangzhou Asian Games has presented the ethos of openness and inclusiveness to the world.

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