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High time we all moved together on the basis of consensus, unity and mutual understanding: PM Oli

10 May 2021, Kathmandu

Prime Minister KP Oli reiterated the need for unity, consensus and mutual understanding for the sake of political stability and peace in the country.

Responding to lawmakers’ remarks, PM Oli said he was ready to step down provided that the House of Representatives (HoR) gave the mandate.

“I will be ready to pave the way towards the formation of a new government,” PM Oli said adding, “I, however, urge all to give the vote of confidence for the sake of stability.”

Refuting allegations that the government has failed in all aspects, including combatting the coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Oli said, “We were lucky enough to procure vaccines at a time when several South Asian countries have not received them eve now.”

Prime Minister Oli also said it isn’t the time to steer the nation towards illusion, rumors and false publicity.

PM Oli said the people have the right to get accurate information and the government was committed to providing it to them. He asked everyone not to trade barbs and disseminate false information.

He sought the vote of confidence from the parliament to ensure the stability of the government. “Give me the votes today, the government will run for 5 years period,” PM Oli said. “You all want a government to last for 5 years. Isn’t it? So you have the votes to make it happen.”

Regarding allegations of corruption in vaccine procurement, the PM said he is unaware of it. “If there has been any corruption let us investigate. The government procured the COVID vaccine directly for $4 and it is public information. I don’t think there is hidden corruption there,” he said.

He informed that the government was expanding beds and medical infrastructure in the country. “The government has been working tirelessly to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Kindly don’t say the government has done nothing in this regard.”

PM reminded that ordinance is a constitutional provision. “The Public Service Commission (PSC) which manages human resources has remained without a chief for some time in the past. To make the PSC function effectively, we appointed PSC Chief through ordinance as the session was not sitting,” the PM said.

The PM cleared that he sought the vote of confidence to steer the nation forward by resolving the deadlocks. He said, “I did not seek this vote to push the nation towards instability.”

He said seeking trust vote was a parliamentary provision and adhering to parliamentary rules and regulation was what he was doing.

“I am to clear the way if the parliament wants an alternative.

However, PM Oli did not address the complain that the government paralyzed the winter session by not giving business to it.

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