HoR dissolution was aimed at unfettering the country from unhealthy, unfair and undemocratic intrigues: PM Oli

10 January 2021, Kathmandu

Prime Minister KP Oli has reiterated his assertion to justify his move of dissolving the House of Representatives (HoR) saying that it was the need of the hour.

“Now that with the House being dissolved, the country heads towards the election of the HoR,” Prime Minister Oli said in his address to the National Assembly on Sunday.

Prime Minister Oli said that the people would not get new leadership.

“Be assured, the elections will be held within the stipulated time at any cost,” he said adding that the general elections will prove to be a turning point for the political parties. “This will cleanse the political parties, which are accustomed to fulfil their vested interests.”

In his address, PM Oli alleged the dissident faction led by Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” and Madhav Kumar Nepal for inciting him to dissolve the House.

“I never wanted to do it. However, they (Prachanda-Nepal faction) compelled me to take such a move,” PM Oli said while justifying his decision.

“I was well assured that the HoR would complete its five-year-long term,” he said adding, “I was equally assured that the government would be allowed to work without any hindrances, which, however, did not happen.”

He further stated that the government was working toward fulfilling the aspirations of the people and to safeguard their achievements.

“They, however, created hindrances in every step of the government,” he said saying that the government was moving ahead on the basis of constitutional values, values ​​and practices of the democratic system.

Prime Minister Oli also stated that the personal aspirations, ambitions and greed for power of a “section of the people” tried to pollute the politics and push the country towards instability.

“I, therefore, dissolved the House to liberate the country from such unhealthy, unfair and undemocratic machinations,” he added.

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