How Much To Pay For Girls In Pattaya, Thailand Cheapest Tourist Destination To Have “FUN”

Feb 16 2019, Kathmandu

If you’ve got some money in your pocket, getting laid in Pattaya is about as difficult as finding ice in Antarctica.

However, prices vary according to your experience. If you smell “nooby”, a Pattaya girl is going to rip you off. But don’t worry, we’re on this journey together and i’m going to show you how to get a fair value out of Pattaya girls.

But that’s change a WHOLE lot. Now you can meet Pattaya girls online cheaply and easily that makes no sense to visit an Agogo bar.

Even older men with plenty of cash date girls online. Now only the introverts and goof men need to visit an Agogo bar to get laid.

In this post, I’m going to explain 3 crytical factors that influence Pattaya girls price so you can negotiate a fair price without getting ripped off.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

1# What Type of Pattaya Girls You Are Targeting

This is the most important factor when dealing with girls in Pattaya. With the girls here, just like everything, there is supply and demand which determine the girl price.

There are girls in high demand, having more than one sponsor and endless short time customers willing to shell out serious money for an hour of pleasure. They make a fortune (for Thailand standards). Others, less attractive, can’t even make ends meet.

So, if you are the type of guy that likes cute looking, young spinners with long-legs, get ready for some financial burden. These kind of girls are in high demand and are rare as gold.

When I first visit Pattaya, cute young spinners were a dime a dozen. I’d spend many nights with one without breaking the bank.

But with Pattaya’s increasing popularity and so many girls getting taken off the market by marriage and sponsors, the game got harder, while the prices skyrocket.

I don’t mind cute spinners, but I don’t necessarily go out of my way for them. With this in mind, being flexible is the best skill in your arsenal to having FUN while staying in budget.

If you are into “Minnie Mouse” girls (small and dark skinned), there is so much abundance that you can get them for FREE on online dating sites.

I love “Minnie Mouse” type of girls in Pattaya. For me, they are super cute and sweet while easily available on Thai dating sites. NOTE; In pictures, Pattaya girls look much whiter than real life. Believe it or not, these three girls have dark skin.

Are you a MILFS lover? You won’t be paying much either. Older women or ugly looking girls, or with stretch marks are plentiful and cheap.

In conclusion, your taste for women is an important factor when determining Pattaya girl’s price.

It’s a simple formula:

High Demand = High Prices | Low Demand = Low Prices

2# What Approach Do You Take When Mongering?

Everyone has different approaches and strategies for hunting down girls resulting in different monetary outcomes.

I have a friend who likes hardcore hookers that usually work in Agogo bars (go figure it out). But he doesn’t like to spend big money being a cheap charlie (he has money, just doesn’t like spending it) and he also hates Agogo’s mercenary environment.

He came up with an astute strategy to get them in the sack without forking out top dollars. How?

He waits until 3 am when the Ago-go bars close down. By this time everyone is pretty drunk, including Ago-go girls. He finds a drunk one, offer to have a meal together and takes them home.

Simple as that.

Does he have problems with this approach? Yes, sometimes… but works for him.

It’s important to develop a system that works well for you. You want to get constant results, get the girls you like but don’t overpay for the experience.

Should do I share my way?

My approach is to meet girls online. There are so many freelancers (working girls) looking for some FUN and extra cash.

And here the important part; If the girl talks about money while chatting online, I ditch her and move on a new girl. By not negotiating, I keep it about having FUN, not all about business.

I have no problem buying drinks or having a modest meal together while giving a tip as a “good will.” It’s fair to take care of her as she looks after my needs while sucking me dry :). It’s a WIN-WIN.

Gold digger and scammer are a reality of the online dating scene, but by using reputable Thai dating sites, you can meet Thai singles without the hassle.

Remember, no MONEY talks.

In my opinion, the expatriates living in Pattaya have the sweetest deal of all. By having a huge amount of time on their hand, they can cultivate a network of girls on their phone, a “roster” so to speak, whom to dial up anytime for either LT (overnight) or ST (a quickly).

The girls are happy to do this in their free time when their live-in boyfriend or sponsor is out of town. It’s a no fuss, no muss fast transaction.

The biggest problem is too many guys take the wrong approach. They get obsessed with one girl over the thousands available in Pattaya. The girl notice, and play the game hard by cashing in as much as possible while the guy is falling for her.

Another fvck behavior is walking up to a girl asking for “how much?”

Not only is a HUGE turn off for her, but she is going to quote the highest price she ever got from a dump dude in her whole life.

In conclusion, the way you approach girls in Pattaya plays a big role in how much you are going to pay. This is not to be confused with “game”; it’s just more business common sense.

 3# Seasonal Factor & Day Game

This is pretty cut and dry. If you visit during high season, you’ll be paying more than someone who is in Pattaya during the low season.

By avoiding visiting between November to April, it’s like busting your budget 20%.

Sound good? But there is more…

Time matter… And I mean, hunting during day or night, not only bring different experiences, but also monetary rewards.

Have you ever lived in a city?

After working hours, workers rush home creating congestions. The same happen in Pattaya.

Between 9 pm to 2 am, most punters are out hunting, but not necessary there are as many girls available. And again, high demand met with low supply push up prices.

In my experience, early in the evening between 5 pm to 9 pm is the best time to patrol the streets of Pattaya. Alternatively, call in a freelancer for a cheap short time before she starts working is a great way to get a FULL service at half the cost.

In conclusion, what you are paying for girls in Pattaya depends on many factors, the least of which is your look or personality.

Here you can be yourself, you can pay what you want for girls, and have a great time. This is why Pattaya is considered “Paradise on Earth”.


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