Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

IGFF, WHDRRP and WFDM jointly handover memorandum to People’s Socialist Party Chairman for inclusive appointment in public bodies

12 August 2021, Kathmandu

Inter-Generational Feminist Forum (IGFF), Women Humanitarian and DRR Platform (WHDRRP) and Women Friendly Disaster Management Core Group (WFDM) jointly handed over a memorandum to the Chairman of People’s Socialist Party Upendra Yadav appealing for inclusive appointment in the public bodies based on the principle of proportional representation on Thursday.

Article 38 of the Nepalese Constitution has guaranteed fundamental right for women to participate in each body of state structure based on the principle of proportional inclusion. Constitution is determined to form equitable society in order to guarantee social justice and right.

However, the usage and implementation of the fundamental and constitutional rights is deplorable indeed. State including the political parties has ignored the principle of proportional inclusion in the appointment of Council of Ministers, Judiciary, Constitutional Commissions including diplomatic commission and ambassador. The appointments by the government in public bodies have wide political influences as the situation is very pity.

Even the political parties have minimum participation and representation of women as state is not seen serious to address the inter-differences within women including dalit, indigenous, madhesi and women socially and economically marginalized.

Saru Joshi associated to the women network shared that appointment in the decision making level of government is not fair as it is widely influenced by personal choice. Joshi also talked about the financial onus on women due to the pandemic. Rita Shah also stressed on that women are facing different problems to raise their voice at state level.

The memorandum was presented to People’s Socialist Party and handed over by Tika Dahal and Gaura Nepali from Inter-Generational Feminist Forum. The women’s group have prepared to present the memorandum to other political parties as well.

Chairman Upendra Yadav over the memorandum has expressed his words and commitment to envision the appeal for inclusive representation of women.

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