Indian nat’l kills 60-yr-old Nepali for sole profits of tea stall

3 June 2020, Chandigarh

Indian national has been arrested for murdering a 60-year-old Nepali at a saw mill in Manimajra of Chandigarh, local police said.

The accused, Karan, allegedly strangled Bhulawan Rawat, the victim, to death, as he didn’t want to split the profits of a tea stall that the latter had helped him set up.

Rawat was found dead at the Praveen Saw Mill in Pipli Wala Town in Manimajra, where he had worked for 30 years.

The mill’s CCTV footage showed him arguing with Rawat, while holding a liquor bottle, which led to his arrest, Hindustan Times reported.

After Karan left this job at Chunni Lal Dabha at Aare Wali Gali near the saw mill, Rawat helped him open up a tea stall near the electricity office in Motor Market, Manimajra.

On Monday, Karan visited the saw mill and offered liquor to Rawat, who turned it down.

There, Rawat asked Karan to share the profits of the tea stall with his son, which enraged Karan, and he attacked the Nepalese man with the liquor bottle before strangling him with his safa (headscarf), a police official said.

To pass it off as an accident, he moved the body to near the stairs at the small entry gate of the saw mill.

Karan has been booked under Section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code as the Manimajra police station. If proven guilty, the charge entails death penalty or imprisonment for life, along with a fine.

(With inputs from Agencies)

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