Indian PM Modi pens new book on how to tackle school exams stress

NEW DELHI, Feb 5, 2018

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come out with a new book titled “Exam Warriors” advising school students on how to tackle examinations’ stress and anxiety.

This is the first occasion when an Indian premier has penned such a book. The novel book, released Saturday by Penguin Random House India, comes at a time when school students are about to write their annual examinations. The country’s Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will be holding its annual examinations from March 5 till April 4 for tenth grade, and from March 5 till April 13 for 12th grade. Students in most of the other grades write their annual examinations prior to these dates.

In an era of intense academic competition (of scoring good marks/grades) in school education system in India, kids face a lot of stress during the annual examinations. Incidents of suicides among school students are reported every year on the day CBSE announces its results, for not doing well in examinations. Parents’ pressure and expectations from their wards to get good grades in examinations too often add to their stress.

The PM’s new book talks about the ways in which students can tackle the stress and also advises school students to take to practicing yoga for mental and physical relief.

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