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India’s updated political map stirs controversy in Nepal

11 November 2019, Kathmandu

India’s new political map has stirred controversy in Nepal. Both New Delhi and Kathmandu lay claim to a region, known as Kalapani, as part of their countries’ territory. As presented in the video by social media agency channel, Friday Nepal the dirty politics, military control and imperialism has been played by India so far. The video has been presented to address anyone that is part of this dirty imperial play. Rolling back the papers of history, Nepal had a bigger empire than it has today. Nepal’s borders extended from Kangada in the west to Tista in the east. It covered some major parts of China and India. During the sugauli treat, Nepal was tricked into handing over those areas to India and some other parts of China.

Nepal is a small country in terms of its area and global power. It is surrounded by the two power ruling nations of the world-India and China. Though China has never apparently attacked or tried to invade Nepalese territory India is a black eye in terms of a land invasion. Though it might sound offensive to some people, Nepal is not only the victim of area invasion and autocratic imperialism. But also Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan are the major other victims of India’s terror in territory captivation. India has developed itself in these years to be one of the strongest nuclear active and military technologies powered nations in Asia and the world. Time and often, India and Pakistan have extreme disputes regarding the controversial areas of Jammu Kashmir. India plays dirty politics in that area increasing hatred between the Indians and the people of Pakistan. There are statements made by thee high level politicians that even Pakistan occupied Kashmir belongs to them.

Indian armies time and often have been attacking the Nepali border areas aggressively. The government of Nepal seems to have zero care related to its border issues and apparently seems to have made a hidden deal to let off the Indian invasion in border areas. Armed Indian forces have struck the border areas and have displaced the landmarks which claim the borders between the countries. India is terrorizing countries. It is true that repeatedly India has been trying to invade the border of its neighboring countries performing highly suspicious airstrikes armed forces attack, displacing the landmarks of borders, claiming false terrorist deaths, using media to raise cold wars and imposing border strikes outing off trades and many many uncountable. And, now it has taken one step further in declaring its new map where it has invaded the disputed Kalapani territory within its map. In regarding to this, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has called an all-party meeting recently expected to work out a common understanding on how to resolve the issue, inviting former prime ministers, former foreign affairs ministers, border experts and top politicians. Similarly, the main opposition Nepali Congress and other political parties have also opposed the Indian move to include Nepali territory inside its border. Since then, the political parties and their sister organizations including different student union have been protesting against the Indian authorities and demanding correction of the political map. The government is being criticized for not being firm with India over the issue.

A serious blow of ‘Back off India’ has been running in the social media. Though India has actually set up its own armed military camp at Kalapani but declaring it now as its own territory makes the intention clear. India is indeed an invader trying to destroy world peace exhibiting its military control over small nations. The government of foreign affairs has told that they are concerned by this act of India and will call on a negotiation with foreign ministers of India. However, the government of Nepal has been doing nothing to the issue previously when they were invading and teaching inside the borders of Nepal setting up their own armed military campaigns. If Nepal by any means had taken this seriously, this should actually be an emergency call because declaring the political map invading other nation’s territory is beyond acceptable at any level. This is indeed the state of emergency. The people of Nepal need faster and better actions to be taken when it comes to border breaching and how will that be possible?  Nepal is a highly social media active country and is capable of pressurizing the government and foreign personnel to be concerned about the issue. The people of Nepal need to call up all their resources. The issue gets more attention in Nepal. This would need more media coverage, more social media posts and more video on this issue. Border invasion is unacceptable and is an indirect attribution of the countries show off of its military power. People have belief that India should receive warnings from International levels for such pathetic actions against the neighboring countries. All of us need to increase the concern on this state of emergency.

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