Karnali Province government unveils policies with target of $ 2000 per capita income

Surkhet, June 10

The Karnali Province government has presented its policies and programmes for the fiscal year 2018/19.

Chief of the Karnali Province Durga Keshar Khanal presented the policies and programmes in the province assembly on Saturday.

The 18 pages policies and programmes envisages building a basis for a just and inclusive socialist system through establishment of peace, prosperity and equitable society for a prosperous Karnali Province having development and good governance.

“The Karnali Province will become a prosperous province within 10 years. The per capita income of the people of Karnali would be increased to 2,100 US Dollars in the coming five years through the formulation and implementation of scientific plan based on the aspiration, needs and voices of the people,” the policies and programmes document reads.


Tunnel way to railway

The policies and programmes has set the target of constructing road to connect the district headquarters of Humla and Dolpa districts, which are not yet linked with the national road network, within one year. High priority has been given to the construction of the Simikot-Hilsa road, the Gamgadhi-Nakche Lagna road and the Dunai-Morimla road which link the international border.

The policies and programmes also states that feasibility study would be carried out regarding the construction of road from Jamunaha to Hilsa, the Ranighat-Bardiya-Bhurigaon as well as of tunnel road from Jajarkot-Mulsam to Topla of Jumla, Bhamasaina of Dailekh to Dillikot of Kalikot, from Bama of Mugu to Darma of Humla and from Matela (Dailekh) to Jumla.

It also mentions about conducting a feasibility study for the construction of a railway in Karnali province. The policies and programmes states that roads of strategic importance and those roads which are significant in terms of tourism and direct connection, the north-south trunk roads, the road from Birendranagar to Rara and the roads linking the district headquarters would be upgraded and blacktopped in coordination with the federal government.

The policies and programmes also talks about bringing a special programme for enhancing the capacity of the province lawmakers and for their institutional development.


Target of 500 megawatts electricity within five years

The policies and programmes document states that hydropower project would be constructed under the Bheri Diversion Project within two years under the ownership of the province government. It also envisages at least 500 megawatts of electricity within five years by mobilising people’s share and on the basis of loans and grant.

It mentions creating investment friendly environment for the development of the Phukot Karnali, Upper Karnali, Betan Karnali, Tila-1, Tila-2, Jagadulla, Agrekhola, Sarada, Nalsinghgad, Bheri-1 and Bheri-4, Jawa, Humla-1, Humla -2 and Kawadi Khola hydroelectricity projects.
Similarly, the policies and programmes has proposed expansion of electricity transmission line in the Karnali corridor and Bheri corridor with support from the federal government. The Karnali province government has stated in its policies and programmes to speed up the works on the construction, operation and taking ownership of the related structures of the Bheri-Babai River Diversion Project, including the powerhouse of the 48-megawatts hydroelectricity scheme under the project. It also plans to immediately construct a 132 KV transmission line and a sub-station required for that in coordination with the federal government.


Tourism is the basis of Karnali’s economy

Likewise, the provincial government, stating that tourism is the main basis for strengthening the province’s economy, has given priority to the formation of the Karnali Tourism Board for the development, expansion and promotion of tourism industry.
The policies and programmes states that the Great Himalayan Trail that runs from Mechi in the east to Mahakali in the west would be developed as tourism trail by carrying out a survey of the section of the Trail that lies in the province. Similarly, it envisages developing the Guerrilla Tourism Trekking route and the Nawar and Kasturi trekking trails.

The policies and programmes also talks about making the Karnali province a tourism hub through the protection and promotion of the natural beauty and the historical, archaeological, religious and cultural sites as well as development of agriculture, health, forest and medicinal herbs. It also plans to develop the People’s War Memorial destination, the People’s War Museum.

The policies and programmes also states that a study would be carried out and works started on development of a provincial tourism circuit as well as promoting river rafting and adventure tourism in the province.

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