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Maiti Nepal stops 206 women and children from being trafficked

Bhimdattanagar, Jan 29, 2018

Maiti Nepal Kanchanpur has stopped 206 women and children at the western border transit point in the last one year, who had been going to various destinations, illegally, in India and third countries via India under various pretexts.

Maitai Nepal Kanchanpur shared this information at a press conference is held here on Sunday.

The organization working for the prevention of women trafficking and rehabilitation of the trafficking victims said that this number of women and children who were about to exit the country from the western border transit point Gaddachauki and other checkpoints illegally were intervened and reunited with their families. They were leaving the country through the middlemen who worked for human traffickers or other means, according to the Maiti Nepal.

“Thirty-seven of the 206 women and children who were prevented from leaving the country from the Gaddachauki transit point in 2017 were from Kanchanpur district alone,” Maheshwari Bhatta, coordinator of Maiti Nepal, Kanchanpur said.

Similarly, Maitai Nepal in 2017 has rescued 24 women and children at risk. They were rescued from Bangalore, Shimla, Chandigarh, Haldwani, Kashipur, Kolkata and other places of India.

Bhatta said they have so far stopped 2,217 women and children from 42 various districts of the country, about to be trafficked to India and third countries via India, at the western border since 2003. Maiti Nepal set up its field office in Kanchanpur in 2003.

According to Bhatta, Maiti Nepal Kanchanpur has rescued 137 women and children. It has received 1,956 applications for finding out the missing women and children. Likewise, the Maiti Nepal, Kanchanpur has filed trafficking cases against 42 persons. It has provided counseling services to 66.194 persons.


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