Man fined ‘for helping homeless on Christmas Day’

Feb 7, 2018

A man who pulled in to a bus stop on Christmas Day to help a homeless man was fined by a council.

Lee Williamson, of Evington, Leicester, said he stopped to give a homeless man a blanket, hat, gloves, scarf, food, and chat with him.

He later received a £70 fine, despite there being no buses on 25 December.

Leicester City Council said the camera enforcement was an important safety measure after a cyclist died there in 2016.

Mr. Williamson, 43, said: “I feel like I am being punished for helping someone – £70 could have put a homeless guy in a B&B for a week.

“Normally that is a busy road and I would never dream of stopping at a bus stop. But with it being Christmas Day, with no traffic and buses, I could not see the harm in it.”

He added that he wished the council could have “a little more discretion and common sense”.

“I am not going to pay it. They will have to take me to court,” he said.

City Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby said: “While buses may not be operating on Christmas Day, there is every likelihood that cyclists and other traffic will be using this stretch of road and stopping illegally in this area should still be considered dangerous.

“While we do recognize the good intentions in this instance, ample safe and legal parking was available within just a few meters of the bus clearway.”


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