Meet the ‘world’s sexiest nurse’

Feb 6, 2018

A NURSE has been dubbed the “sexiest in the world” after taking the internet by storm with her saucy selfies.

Carina Linn, 23, from Taiwan, has stacked up some 186,000 followers on Instagram after only 66 posts.

Carina works as a nurse at a busy hospital in the Taiwanese capital, Taipei

And Carina’s army of fans looks like it is only set to grow as she continues to tease them with the stunning snaps.

By day, Carina is a dutiful and caring nurse bringing solace to her patients at the busy hospital in the Taiwanese capital Taipei where she works.

But in her free time, the young medic changes out of her uniform and poses for glamorous and revealing photos.

The internet has gone wild for the pics, but Carina isn’t letting her newfound fame go to her head.

She said: “I’m not sure what the fuss is about there’s no rule that a nurse cannot become a model when not on duty.”

Some have criticised her for what they see as her provocative image – posting photos of herself in her nurse’s uniform next to others of herself in bikinis.

But Carina is having none of it.

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