“Mend or End”: Nepal in the eyes of Chinese journalist Zhou Shengping hit the stand

23 April 2021, Kathmandu

“Mend or End”: Nepal in the eyes of a Kathmandu-based Chinese journalist Zhou Shengping has hit the stands on the eve of the World Book Day today. A new English book titled “Mend or End” penned by journalist Shengping included 200 pages book, which is divided into five chapters, dwells on various facets of Nepali politics, culture, tourism, economy and China-Nepal ties.

Zhou has shared his personal experiences and feelings through this book as he interacted with politicians and people from various walks of life while working in Nepal for nearly a decade.

Expressing his concern over growing political instability in Nepal through the book, the author has pointed out some reasons behind failure in achieving Nepali people’s long-cherished dream of socio-economic development and prosperity.

As many Nepali people think, the author also views that the dream has not been realized due to failure especially on the part of leaders who often speak of transforming Nepal to Switzerland of Asia. Going further, he shared that Nepali leaders often forget their promises that they make during elections.

The author’s views echo the sentiment of the common Nepali people. The book also covers various aspects of China-Nepal relationship which is deepening day by day. As President Xi Jinping paid a historic visit to Nepal in October 2019, the author observes that the visit added a new chapter to friendly and cordial relationship between the two countries.

Suggesting Nepali leaders to wake up and focus on the country’s socio-economic development, the author quotes Chinese paramount leader late Mao Zedong as saying “10,000 years are too long, seize the day, seize the hour.” The author views that Nepal has huge potential to reap benefits from the rise of China and India and transform itself into a dynamic bridge.

As remittance has been a major backbone of Nepali economy over the years, the author points out that the country can face acute crisis if there is sudden disruption in remittance inflow. Apart from talking about Nepali politics, geopolitics and economy, the author has shared his personal experiences travelling to some places of Nepal like Mustang.

Besides, the writer wants to intersperse his first English book with colorful photos. The book, with a selling price 600 Nepali Rupees, is basically a compilation of articles, analyses, interviews and news items by Zhou which appeared in Chinese media outlets like Xinhua, Asia Pacific Daily Nepal edition and some Nepali media during the past a few years.

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