Minister Nembang urges all to participate in fresh election

16 January 2021, Panchthar

Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport Basanata Nembang has urged all to get ready for fresh elections.

Minister Nembang, also the leader of Nepal Communist Party (NCP), while addressing a party cadres’ meet here on Friday, argued that there was no alternate of going for election to outlet the country.

He argued that the government decided to go for fresh election as it was trapped from all sides. Minister Nembang also claimed that the government worked a lot on the behalf of the people along with strengthening the nationalism.Meanwhile, Minister Nembang urged the media persons to aware the people as they had a notable role to give positive message to all.

While inaugurating an annual general meeting of the FNJ Panchthar chapter here yesterday Minister Nembang said media’s creative and constructive suggestions were essential to government. “The government always welcomes positive feedbacks and constructive suggestions from all sides.” Nembang said.

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