Minister Pandit for freeing Kathmandu city of dust, smoke in a year

Kathmandu, Feb 21

Minister for Population and Environment Lal Babau Pandit has reiterated his commitment that he would devote to freeing the Kathmandu Valley from dust and smoke in a year in view of the growing pollution.

Minister Pandit said this while receiving a memorandum submitted to him Tuesday. A delegation from Clean Energy Nepal demanded the government to initiate concrete steps to wipe out air pollution and subsequent problems, and to take together the issues of environment and development.

In the memorandum, the delegation reminded that the mismanaged expansion of Kathmandu roads and non-promotion of environment-friendly vehicles were some of the pressing causes of the growing pollution.

While receiving the memorandum, Minister Pandit said he would take initiatives to promote the use of electronic vehicles and discourage and ban the plastic products.

“I’ll work for making the Kathmandu city free of mask by wiping out pollution within a year,” he underscored.


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