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Moderate rainfall projected for this monsoon

25 May 2020, Kathmandu

South Asian Climate Outlook Forum (SACOF) has predicted average rainfall across the country during the monsoon this year.

Under the leadership of the World Meteorological Organization, SACOF has been providing an outlook on climate in South Asian Region every year a month before the monsoon starts.

In general, four months between June 10 and September are considered to be the monsoon period in South Asia.

Approximately 80 percent of the whole year’s rain in Nepal occurs during the monsoon season.

Volume of average rain of the country is 1499.6 millimetres during this season, according to Meteorologist Prativa Manandhar.

The volume exceeding 10 millimetres or below is considered to be average rain, she said.

Volume of average rains of the Kathmandu Valley every year is 1454.8 millilitres.

Generally, monsoon enters into Nepal on June 10 through eastern Nepal before spreading across the country in few days.

This year, monsoon is expected to enter into Nepal soon than general, said meteorologists.

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