Monsoon preparedness and response plan, 2078 implemented

14 June 2021, Kathmandu

In a bid to minimise losses caused by monsoon-induced disasters, the Monsoon Preparedness and Response Plan, 2078 has been implemented in the country with the onset of monsoon. 

Preparedness to deal with the disasters has been made at some ward levels in the districts by identifying landslide risk areas, said the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority. Local levels, the provincial government and various organisations will coordinate in this regard. 

Preparedness programmes have been adopted learning from past mistakes in dealing with monsoon-related disasters, said the Authority chief executive officer Anil Pokharel. 

Last year, more than 400 people were killed due to monsoon caused disasters and over 1000 people were affected. More than 400 landslides took place. 

Efforts are ongoing to implement the direction by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and Home Minister Khagraj Adhikari to provide reliefs to victims at the earliest, he said. The process to make an integrated procedure to resolve disaster-induced incidents has been taken forward, he said. 

It has been predicted that the country may receive rain more than average this year. High mountainous and hilly areas may receive more rain. Over 1.8 million population might get affected by monsoon caused disasters. The monsoon prediction system will be implemented in 36 local levels of nine districts, said the Authority. Likewise, 155 relocation areas in town areas have been identified. 

For rehabilitating victims, reconstruction of structures is underway. Under this reconstruction drive, in the first installment, budget has been released to 10 districts, it has been said. 

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